Specialists in WEEE & E-Waste recycling, the collection & disposal of all redundant IT, electrical & office computer equipment


Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Spinnaker Waste Management provides a full range of recycling services for the disposal of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment): collection services for office computer PC & IT equipment with integrated and secure hard-drive wiping. Our eco-friendly, cost-efficient services ensure your organisation has its equipment and e-waste disposed of in an environmentally sound manner, guaranteeing full compliance with all current UK and EU legislation. We cover most of the south of England.
We operate with a zero percent to landfill policy so whenever possible equipment is refurbished or repaired for reuse. By taking this option, we not only help your company with compliance issues surrounding the WEEE Regulations but help to minimise the resources needed in the manufacture of new electrical equipment.
In addition to computer recycling, we offer consultancy services aimed at EEE producers, WEEE Producer compliance schemes and producers of Electrical & Electronic waste resulting from the repair and manufacture process.

For security-conscious organisations we offer onsite and offsite Data Destruction that ensures 100% of all data from hard drives & back-up media is completely wiped and non-recoverable. With an optional second process that physically destroys the drives and recycles the metals.
We offer a tracking system of individual items throughout all phases of the IT disposal process which provides detailed disposal information, data destruction evidence and End of Life Certification.

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  • WEEE Blue Box office e-waste storage system
  • Consultancy Services
  • Asset Reporting
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