Integrated Hard Drive Wiping & Secure Data Destruction Services


Are you aware of the number of companies and public section breaches of data security? If you did you would be astounded at the sheer incompetence of some of the cases, and improper disposal can also cause legal, as well as security problems.


Spinnaker Waste Management have a number of solutions to ensure that your data is CORRECTLY, LEGALLY and PROFESSIONALLY DELETED. We can permanently erase all residual data from laptop or desktop hard drives as well as tape cartridge media, compliant to government and industry standards.


We provide on-site and off-site data destruction with full certification included. Please contact us if you have any questions or enquiries as to exactly what we can handle. We cover Portsmouth, Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey, the London Area as well as most of central southern UK.


Wiping the hard drives to the correct standards such as the US DOD 5220-22m standard. This allows for the hard drive to be reused once the wiping has taken place.


We can also securely eliminate the data from hard drives, tape drives etc, by using a DEGAUSSER to professionally ensure any sort of data recovery is completely beyond retrieval by removing all magnetic data from the drives.


Once a hard drive has had its data deleted we can then place the item into a spiking machine. This puts a steel spike through the hard drive. We repeat this process a second time so that it is rendered completely unusable. This brings peace of mind to our clients who can observe as we can carry out the whole process on their own premises.


• We also take the hard drives away for the recovery of metals.


• We can also destroy other typical office data storage items.

secure data destruction of office computer hard drives




We can securely erase 100% of all data from hard drives or backup tapes. Most hard drive erasure methods can leave some of the data intact, but degaussing is different and permanent as it electronically eliminates all the magnetically stored data on the hard drive platters making any data recovery impossible.

degaussing of laptop hard drives

Desktop & laptop hard drives

data destruction for large hard drives

Large 1.66" size hard drives

data wiping backup media tapes

Backup media tapes


For extra security we can physically destroy the drive with a special hole punch machine.

hard drives are fed into the hole punch machine

Hard Drives are fed into the machine

punching a hole in a hard drive

Drives are then double-pierced by a steel punching die to completely destroy all working components.