e waste
WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and covers virtually everything with a plug or battery.
The WEEE Directive came into effect in 2006 to address the environmental impacts of unwanted electrical and electronic equipment at end-of-life disposal. Before these regulations came into force, large quantities of WEEE containing hazardous materials were sent to landfill as untreated waste. Now the waste must be sent to an authorised treatment facility for the hazardous waste to be treated in a environmentally sound manner.
Spinnaker Waste Management can help in the treatment and disposal of all WEEE items, including having the item tested to be resold for its original purpose.
The WEEE regulations WILL apply to you if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Do the WEEE regulations affect my business?
  • Do you manufacture or sell electrical equipment?
  • Do you resell another company’s electrical equipment under your own branding?
  • Do you import electrical equipment into the UK for resale? Are you a retailer selling new electrical items?
  • Are you a business / office that needs to dispose of any electrical equipment?

The waste electrical and electronic equipment directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced in 2006 and became a legal requirement for companies to adhere to from 4th january 2007. The WEEE directive aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it. The WEEE directive also aims to improve the environment performance of business that manufacture, supply, use, recycle and recover electric and electronic equipment.
Spinnaker Waste Management can help ensure you meet all the current legislation.
Still unsure about WEEE and your company’s compliance? Please contact us, we are always happy to give advice.